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Specifies which port(s) Radiator will listen on for RADIUS authentication requests. The argument may be either a numeric port number or an alphanumeric service name as specified in /etc/services/ (or its equivalent on your system). Multiple comma-separated ports may be specified. The default port is 1645. Note that the officially assigned port number for RADIUS authentication has been changed to 1812. AuthPort may contain special formatting characters. A typical use of special formatting characters is with GlobalVar and command line arguments.
# Listen for authentication requests on port 1812 as per RFC 
# 2865
AuthPort 1812
Actually Radiator will also service accounting requests received on the authentication port without complaint.
You can prevent Radiator from binding to an authentication port by undefining AuthPort:
# Do not bind to an auth port:
You can pass any port number as a command line argument to radiusd with a configuration like this:
AuthPort %{GlobalVar:authport}
and then run radiusd with an argument to set the port number like this:
radiusd authport=1810 ...
You could listen for requests on the 2 most common RADIUS authentication port numbers with
AuthPort 1645,1812
Radiator will listen for requests on each given AuthPort (default 1645), on each IP address specified by BindAddress (default For more information, see Section 3.5. Address binding.