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This clause logs the authentication successes and failures to a flat file. You can define as many <AuthLog FILE> clauses as you need to at the top level or within the Realm or Handler clauses. Each clause can specify different logging conditions and a different log file.
Here is an example of using <AuthLog FILE>:
# This auth logger logs both success and failure to a file. It
# also log authentications that are ignored.
<AuthLog FILE>
      Identifier myauthlogger
      Filename %L/authlog
      LogSuccess 1
      LogFailure 1
      LogIgnore  1
      <AuthBy FILE>
            Filename %D/users
      # Log authentication results to a file
      AuthLog myauthlogger
<AuthLog FILE> understands also the same parameters as all AuthLogs. For more information, see Section 3.100. <AuthLog xxxxxx>.