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This clause handles requests from a WiMAX system. It handles, authentication, accounting and DHCP server key distribution. It acts as a Home AAA (HAAA) as per WiMAX End-to-End Network Systems Architecture Stage 2-3 Release 1.1.0 and NWG_R1.1.0-Stage-3.pdf. Answers requests from NAS, HA and DHCP servers.
AuthBy WIMAX requires an SQL database to hold user details (including password), and to cache various keys. WiMAX users must be added to the SQL database before they can be authenticated.
Several types of reply attribute are handled specially by AuthBy WIMAX. If the attribute is present in a reply (perhaps from a user's reply attributes or profile), they will be converted from text format to the binary format required by WiMAX devices.
Sample configuration file, including explanation of supported parameters is available in goodies/wimax.cfg. Sample database schema appears in goodies/wimax.sql in your Radiator distribution.