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When using <AuthBy VOLUMEBALANCE>, the incoming RADIUS requests are distributed between all the listed hosts according to the relative values of their BogoMips attributes. BogoMips is a relative measure of the processing power of that host. A Host with a BogoMips rating of 2 receives twice as many request as one with the default BogoMips rating of 1. If at any time a proxied request does not receive a reply from a remote server, that server is marked as unavailable until FailureBackoffTime seconds has elapsed. Meanwhile, that request is retransmitted to the next host due to be used.
The result of this algorithm is to distribute the load amongst all the currently operational remote RADIUS servers, according to the relative values of their BogoMips values. For more information about configuring the BogoMips parameter, see Section 3.39.1. BogoMips.
<AuthBy VOLUMEBALANCE> supports the same parameters as Section 3.38. <AuthBy RADIUS>.