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This module permits authentication from an RSA Mobile server. RSA Mobile is a token authentication system from RSA Security. During authentication, the user provides a password, then the RSA Mobile server sends a one-time password by SMS, pager etc. When the correct one-time password is entered, then the authentication succeeds.
AuthBy RSAMOBILE is deprecated when used with RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 and later. If you have AM 7.1 or later you should use <AuthBy RSAAM>, since it is more capable and more portable.
The <AuthBy RSAMOBILE> module is compatible with Radius-PAP, EAP-Generic-Token-Card and EAP-PEAP-Generic-Token-Card authentication. It requires SOAP::Lite. It is part of CPAN. For more information, see Section 2.1.2. CPAN.
There is an example configuration file in goodies/eap_gtc_rsamobile.cfg in the Radiator distribution showing how to configure Radiator to authenticate EAP-GTC using RSA Mobile.
On some platforms and networks, the performance of the SOAP protocol used by RSA Mobile can be poor. You should test <AuthBy RSAMOBILE> in your particular situation to confirm that it will meet your authentication volume requirements before deploying it in production.