3.53. <AuthBy ROUNDROBIN>, <AuthBy VOLUMEBALANCE>, <AuthBy LOADBALANCE>, <AuthBy HASHBALANCE>, <AuthBy EAPBALANCE> Previous topic Parent topic Child topic Next topic

These authentication methods are sub-types of <AuthBy RADIUS> but they also do load distribution and balancing. They allow you to proxy RADIUS requests to any number of remote RADIUS servers and to distribute the RADIUS load amongst those servers. Further, if any remote server fails to reply to a proxied request, the remote server is marked as unavailable until the FailureBackoffTime expires. During that period, no requests are proxied to that remote RADIUS server.
These authentication methods understand all the same parameters as <AuthBy RADIUS>. For more information, see Section 3.38. <AuthBy RADIUS>. The only difference between them and <AuthBy RADIUS> is the algorithm for choosing which remote host to proxy to and how the received and dropped responses provide feedback for the host selection algorithm.
See an example config file showing how to use various load balancing modules in goodies/proxyalgorithm.cfg in the Radiator distribution.