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<AuthBy PAM> provides authentication via any method supported by PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) on your host. It is implemented in AuthPAM.pm. It requires that PAM be installed and configured on your host, and it also requires the Perl module Authen-PAM-0.04 or later. It is part of CPAN. For more information, see Section 2.1.2. CPAN.
<AuthBy PAM> asks PAM to authenticate the user using the PAM service specified with the Service parameter (defaults to “login”).
AuthBy PAM has not been tested on Windows platforms.
Make sure PAM is configured on your host before building and testing the Authen-PAM Perl module, otherwise “make test” will report errors. This will usually require configuring /etc/pam.conf, or perhaps /etc/pam.d/login for the login service. For example, on our RedHat 5.2 Linux, we found that we had to remove the pam_securetty from our /etc/pam.d/login file to enable testing from other than a secure TTY. Consult your system documentation for details on configuring PAM.
<AuthBy PAM> understands also the same parameters as <AuthBy xxxxxx>. For more information, see Section 3.28. <AuthBy xxxxxx>.