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<AuthBy NISPLUS> provides authentication via your NIS+ database. It is implemented in AuthNISPLUS.pm. It looks for user information in an NIS+ table, and uses that information as check and reply items for the user. It does not log (but does reply to) accounting requests. You will need to have a basic understanding of NIS+ databases in order to configure <AuthBy NISPLUS>. <AuthBy NISPLUS> requires the NISPlus Perl module. It is part of CPAN. For more information, see Section 2.1.2. CPAN.
When <AuthBy NISPLUS> receives its first authentication request, it attempts to connect to the NIS+ table defined by the Table parameter. <AuthBy NISPLUS> will then try to fetch some fields for the user from the table. You can specify the query to use to locate the user in the NIS+ table with the Query parameter. You also specify the NIS+ field that contains the password, and (optionally) the names of fields containing an encrypted password, RADIUS check items and RADIUS reply items. This scheme allows you to work with almost any NIS+ table definition, however the defaults are set up so you can authenticate from a standard NIS+ passwd table without having to add any special definitions.
If all the check items are satisfied by the request, <AuthBy NISPLUS> will reply with an Access-Accept message containing all the attributes in the reply items (if any). If the user does not appear in the NIS+ Table, or if any check item does not match, an Access-Reject message is sent to the client.
<AuthBy NISPLUS> understands also the same parameters as <AuthBy xxxxxx>. For more information, see Section 3.28. <AuthBy xxxxxx>.