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<AuthBy HASHBALANCE> distributes RADIUS requests among a set of RADIUS servers so that multiple related requests from the same user go to the same server unless that server fails. This prevents the requests being distributed among multiple servers, which is prone to problems with authentication methods that use multiple messages, such as EAP.
When using <AuthBy HASHBALANCE>, a hash number is calculated for each incoming request. That hash number is based on number of attributes in the incoming request. It is used to select which host to use. If the selected Host is unavailable, then the next one on the Host list is used in sequence until the Host list is exhausted. This results in a random distribution of requests among the available server, and the same server handles all the requests related to a single user.
<AuthBy HASHBALANCE> supports the same parameters as Section 3.38. <AuthBy RADIUS>.
The HashAttributes parameter specifies which attributes in the incoming request is used to select the server. The default value is shown below. It is suitable for most use cases.
HashAttributes %{Request:Calling-Station-Id}:%n