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<AuthBy EAPBALANCE> is similar to <AuthBy HASHBALANCE> in the aspect that it is intended to ensure all EAP requests relating to a single session always go to the same target RADIUS server. It uses the RADIUS State attribute to track EAP sessions, and therefore relies on all the RADIUS clients supporting the State attribute similarly. The target server for the first EAP request in a session is chosen in the same was as <AuthBy HASHBALANCE>. If you are unsure, try <AuthBy HASHBALANCE> with new configurations first.
<AuthBy EAPBALANCE> is useful in installations where all RADIUS clients are known to support the RADIUS State attribute similarly. This usually covers the network managed by a single organisation, but is likely to not work with Eduroam or other roaming services where remote or intermediate proxies may add, change, or remove the State attribute. With these services, <AuthBy HASHBALANCE> with the default HashAttributes setting should ensure correct operation.
When EAPBALANCE is used in a ServerFarm architecture to proxy requests to a set of back end RADIUS servers, the duplicate detection in the back end servers can be defeated by changes to requests made by the server farm. It is therefore essential that all the backend servers in such an architecture have the UseContentsForDuplicateDetection flag set in the receiving Client clauses.
See an example config file showing how to use EAPBALANCE in goodies/eapbalance.cfg in the Radiator distribution.
<AuthBy EAPBALANCE> supports the same parameters as Section 3.38. <AuthBy RADIUS>.