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<AuthBy DYNAUTH> builds RFC 5716 Disconnect-Request and CoA-Request messages and dispatches them to Handlers. The dispatched dynauth requests can be matched with <Handler DynAuthRequest=1>. This Handler typically uses <AuthBy RADIUSBYATTR> for forwarding the newly built dynauth requests to the NAS based on the dynauth request contents. The dynauth responses will be handled by <AuthBy DYNAUTH>.
<AuthBy DYNAUTH> can optionally register itself with Gossip to receive requests from, for example, remote management to send dynauth messages pertaining to the online users. <AuthBy DYNAUTH> works with <SessionDatabase REDIS> to share session information between Radiator instances and user management. For more information about Gossip and <SessionDatabase REDIS>, see Section 11 and Section 3.18.
<AuthBy DYNAUTH> is currently experimental and will be documented later.