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This clause authenticates users against two-factor authentication provided by Duo Security Auth API. <AuthBy DUO> requires Perl modules HTTP::Async 0.19 or later and Net::HTTPS::NB. For more information, see Duo website Opens in new window
To get started you need to sign up for a Duo account and create a new Auth API integration. Duo Security will then generate your API Hostname, integration key and secret key which are used to set up Radiator configuration.
See goodies/duo.cfg for an example configuration file and examples of how to combine the password and password factor (see Section 3.92.2. DefaultFactor) for controlling how two-factor authentication is done. See goodies/duosim.cgi for setting up a partial authentication API simulator for testing.
<AuthBy DUO> understands also the same parameters as <AuthBy xxxxxx>. For more information, see Section 3.28. <AuthBy xxxxxx>.