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The default behaviour for <AuthBy RADIUS> is to return IGNORE as soon as the request has been forwarded to the remote RADIUS server. It does not wait for a reply before moving on to other AuthBy classes, or handling new requests. You can change this behaviour with the Asynchronous flag.
When you enable the Asynchronous flag, Handler continues to evaluate its AuthBy policy after a reply or timeout from the remote proxy. Other requests are processed while the reply is pending. Asynchronous is supported by <AuthBy RADIUS> and its subclasses.
For more information about how proxied requests are waited for by Radiator, see Section 3.41 and Section 3.41.29.
# Auth to server1 and continue to AuthBy FILE if server 1 accepts.
# Process other requests while the reply from server 1 is pending.
      AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileAccept
      <AuthBy RADIUS>
            # Evaluate the policy when we get a reply or a timeout
            Host server1
            Secret xxxxxx
      <AuthBy FILE>
            Filename %D/users