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This optional flag parameter tells radiusd to use asynchronous SQL queries. This flag is not set by default and the queries are synchronous which means no processing is done before the reply, or timeout, is received from the SQL database. With asynchronous queries, radiusd can do other processing while the query is being processed by the database. When the the database result is ready, radiusd continues from the point where the asynchronous query was started.
Starting with Radiator 4.18, asynchronous queries are supported with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Testing was mainly done with DBD::mysql 4.035 with MariaDB 10.1.13.
Asynchronous SQL queries were introduced with Radiator 4.18, and as of Radiator 4.19, are only supported by AddressAllocator SQL clause.
Here is an example of AsynchronousSQL and the parameters typically used with it:
# See goodies/addressallocator.cfg for full example
# Run address allocator in asynchronous mode
<AddressAllocator SQL>
    # Other parameters
    AsynchronousSQLConnections 10