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This is the Identifier of an <AddressAllocator xxxxxx>. It specifies which Address Allocation engine will be used to allocate the addresses. It must match the Identifier parameter of an <AddressAllocator xxxxxx> clause. Special formatting characters are permitted. The named AddressAllocator will be used to allocate and deallocate addresses of all users authenticated through this AuthBy.
<AddressAllocator SQL>
      Identifier SQLAllocator
      DBSource ....
      AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileAccept
      # This does the authentication
      <AuthBy FILE>
            Filename xxxxxx
      # If authentication succeeds, this allocates an
      # address, using the AddressAllocator above
      <AuthBy DYNADDRESS>
            AddressAllocator SQLAllocator
This parameter used to be called Allocator. This word is still supported but deprecated. Support will be removed some time in the future.