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This parameter allows you to execute arbitrary SQL statements each time an accounting request is received. You might want to do it to handle processing in addition to the normal inserts defined by AcctColumnDef, or you might want to construct a much more complicated SQL statement than AcctColumnDef can handle. You only need this if the accounting definitions provided by AcctColumnDef are not powerful enough.
You can have as many AcctSQLStatement parameters as you like (i.e. 0 or more). Each one will have its special formatting macros replaced at run time (the ones of the format %{attribute-name} are probably the most useful). %0 is replaced with the quoted and escaped user name. They are executed in the order they appear in the configuration file.
AcctSQLStatement delete from ONLINE where SessionID='%{Quote:%{Acct-Session-Id}}'
By having multiple AuthBy SQL clauses, and by using AccountingStartsOnly and AccountingStopsOnly, in conjunction with AcctSQLStatement, you could implement a "who is online" table.