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The name of a file used to log failed Accounting-Request messages in the standard radius accounting log format. If the SQL database insert fails, the accounting message will be logged to the named file. For more information about file format, see Section 9.5. Accounting log file. If no AcctFailedLogFileName is defined, failed accounting messages will not be logged. The default is no logging. The file name can include special formatting characters as described in Section 3.3. Special characters, which means that, for example, using the %c specifier, you can maintain separate accounting log files for each Client. The AcctFailedLogFileName file is always opened written and closed for each failed insertion, so you can safely rotate it at any time.
The user name that is recorded in the log file is the rewritten user name when RewriteUsername is enabled.
You can change the logging format with AcctLogFileFormat.
You may want to make the filename depend on the date, so you get one missed accounting file per day.
# Log all accounting to a single log file in LogDir
AcctFailedLogFileName %L/misseddetails