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Normally, if a user is not present in the user database, they will always be rejected. If this optional parameter is set, and a user is not in the database they will be unconditionally accepted. If they are in the database file, they will be accepted if and only if their check items pass in the normal way.
This option is usually only useful in conjunction with a following AuthBy that will actually check all passwords. It can therefore be used to impose additional checks on a subset of your user population.
When you specify AcceptIfMissing, all reply attributes set for this AuthBy (such as DefaultReply, AddToReply, AddToReplyIfNotExist etc.) will be applied even if the user is not explicitly named in the file.
This does not automatically accept DEFAULT users.
# Apply some extra checks for those users in the users file, 
# then authenticate them with PLATYPUS
<Realm xxxxxx>
      AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileAccept
      <AuthBy FILE>
            Filename %D/users
      <AuthBy PLATYPUS>
            # whatever