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Radiator RADIUS server is reliable, extensible, flexible, configurable, is portable across many platforms and provides authentication for dialup networks, 802.1X wireless networks and wired LAN's. Radiator comes with source code and has flexible licensing options ranging from perpetual licenses to transaction based and flat rate licensing. Licenses include the first year access to new releases and patches. "The Swiss Army knife of RADIUS servers".

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Radar is a real-time interactive graphical tool for remotely monitoring one or more Radiator RADIUS servers. It allows administrators to remotely monitor, analyze, plot and change the behavior of Radiator and maximize the performance and availability of their authentication system.

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RAdmin is a web-based Radius User Management package for Radiator. It is flexible, extensible and works with any SQL database and any web browser on any Unix or PC platform. Full source code supplied.

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EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA' support for Radiator RADIUS server is available through the Radiator EAP-SIM Pack.

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Diameter Policy and Charging interfaces are provided by Radiator Policy and Charging support modules. These are Diameter interfaces defined for 3GPP and other mobile operator use.

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