Radiator Carrier Module revision history

Revision 1.1 (2017-01-02)
  • Log tracing ids are supported for Diameter messages
  • Statistics are now collected for additional Diameter connections: connections that must be disconnected because the peer is already connected, connections that have no matching DiaPeerDef and connections from which no CER was received
  • Requires Radiator 4.17 or later
Revision 1.0 (2016-06-15)
  • Initial release: reorganisation of existing and new modules. Base components from Radiator Telco module are now included in Radiator Carrier module.
  • DiameterTelcoConnection now calls DiaPeer's send_reply() instead of calling send() directly. This is preferred to keep the peer state machine up to date.
  • OriginHost and OriginRealm in DiaPeerDef now support special formatting
  • Diameter initiator connections are now activated after the configuration has been loaded instead of during configuration loading
  • DiaPeerDef now understands LocalAddress and LocalPort for initiator Diameter connections. Requires Radiator 4.16 + patches or later
  • Added new module MessagerLog FILECARRIER which allows RADIUS and Diameter messages in libpcap format. Requires Radiator 4.16 + patches or later
  • Requires Radiator 4.14 or later unless otherwise stated